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Gary Magadzire School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences 10

Welcome to the Gary Magadzire School of Agriculture and Natural Sciences located at the University’s Main Campus. It derives its inspiration from Gary Magadzire who was the first president of the Zimbabwe Farmers Union and an agriculturalist in nature. Science and Agriculture have always been integral components of the Zimbabwean culture as evidenced by the sophisticated architectural designs and economic system which sustained the communities that resided at and around the Great Zimbabwe Monuments.

Herbert Chitepo Law School 0

Located in the Central Business District of Masvingo, the Herbert Chitepo Law School is named after an eminent nationalist, Advocate Herbert Pfumaindini Chitepo, who led the liberation war from Zambia and the first black lawyer in Zimbabwe. Advocate Chitepo was also the first black lawyer to be admitted as a barrister in England and the first Attorney-General of an independent Tanzania. The Herbert Chitepo Law School offers state of the art teaching and learning facilities. Besides a unique and stunning Moot Court theatre, the School has lecture rooms that are adorned with air conditioners, chalk-less white boards and projector screens. Students at the School have access to wifi. Graduates from the Herbert Chitepo Law School are expected to uphold the basic principles of human justice, democracy and rule of law which Advocate Chitepo stood for. The name of the school, Herbert Chitepo Law School, is expected to help the graduates to foster the sense of responsibility to national good and social equality in the country. It is hoped that every graduate will leave the Herbert Chitepo Law School pumped up with the nationalist spirit; commitment to the development of Zimbabwe and Patriotism.The School has the smallest enrolment within the University and this is a requirement by our parent board to ensure quality and fully baked lawyers.

Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences 123

The School has four Departments and a Centre for Gender and Cultural Studies. The Centre was established in January 2015 under the Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences. As a proponent for gender justice, the Centre strives to be a global centre of excellence in Gender and Cultural Studies. The Centre endeavors to transform unequal gender relations that are prevalent in society today. Both males and females are empowered with knowledge and skills they utilize in social transformation.

Munhumutapa School Of Commerce 91

Welcome to the Munhumutapa School of Commerce. The School draws its inspiration from the University niche of Culture and Heritage. In view of this, all programmes in the school have modules and/ or topics in the respective subject areas that have an emphasis on the following ethno-commercial activities: Trade and Commerce in African traditional societies and cultures from the Munhumutapa period to the emerging of colonial rule. Transition from pre-colonial to colonial rule Post colonialism trade and commerce in Africa and Zimbabwe in particular.

Robert Mugabe School Of Education 93

The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture’s vision is located within the University’s broader 2018 vision namely: to be the centre of excellence in arts, culture and heritage studies as well as the advancement of other academic disciplines for the promotion of and the development of society. The Robert Mugabe School of Education and Culture offers a curriculum that inculcates socio-cultural, scientific, technological, mathematical, and research skills responsive to the current needs of humanity.

Simon Muzenda School of Arts, Culture and Heritage studies 62

The Simon Muzenda School of Arts, Culture and Heritage Studies derives its inspiration from the late Vice President of Zimbabwe Cde Simon Muzenda who was named Son of the soil due to his deep rootedness in Culture and Heritage (Unhu/Ubuntu) as it is termed in Shona and Ndebele Dialects. It is these values that the School holds highly. Apart from that it is pertinent to also know that one of Great Zimbabwe University’s niche areas is Arts, Culture and Heritage Studies. The School is located in Mashava some 45km west of Masvingo and it a wide range of programmes. The School also houses the Centre of Culture and Heritage Studies which solely focuses on the University’s niche are of reclamation and preservation of culture and heritage.

Thesis & Dissertations 41

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